Doesn’t Kellyamne Conway have daughters? Its amazing the utter lack of empathy coming from parents supporting Roy Moore. What Conway signaled to her daughters and every future victim. Simply this:

Who give a shit.

As long as the abuser is a republican its better they are in power then a democrat.

Also a republican pedophile is better then a democrat.

Conway and Moore’s supporters call themselves Christian.

I guess I was out sick when the nuns taught us “Jesus blessed the pedophiles when they registered as republicans”.


Although I cannot picture any nun saying that.

I really do not how the most vocal supporters of Moore are women even those like the governor who believes the victims. They seem not just to lack empathy but believe republican men can do what they want even molest children. Oh let’s be real if they don’t care about republican men molesting children their outrage at democratic men doing it is beyond hypocritical.

Sarah Sanders essentially said last week if you deny it it never happened.

We are in deep shit as a nation.

Also children learned if a man molesting you is a republican just shut up especially if your parent is a republican. No one will believe you.


MAGA my ass.