Trying to win some fucking minds over on FB after I’ve seen one too many of my (white) in-laws post bullshit yesterday and today who are NOT vets:

I find it pretty interesting that basically every post I’ve seen on Twitter and Facebook from actual veterans supports the rights of NFL players to protest in whatever way they see fit, because *that’s what they served for*: to protect the rights of people to peacefully protest, even if they disagree with what they’re protesting about or how they’re doing it. The people who have a real problem with it are typically the ones who aren’t veterans.

Also, I think the dichotomy here between (stereotypical black) NFL player/(stereotypical white) veteran overlooks a KEY group of veterans: black veterans. Who have served our country and protected our citizens for hundreds of years, even knowing they would come home to still being treated as inferiors without full rights. No one seems to be asking their opinion on the topic. Anyway, if you remember, the whole point of the protests isn’t to protest veterans or the flag or the anthem (or even Trump), it is to protest the fact that under that flag, many people are still not being treated equally. Including said black veterans. Check out the stories of Anthony Hill. Elliott Williams. Carl Williams. Walter Scott. Read this report I linked. It is awful.

I see things in there I wish I had reworded for clarity/specificity/etc., but I was super angry at the time and it’s not my best work. Not looking for brownie points here, but sharing my argument in case it’s helpful for other white people with ignorant/racist white families/friends. If you come straight out with #BLM they shut down, but using the “they’re veterans like you and it’s not exactly helping even them out!” commonality argument thing seems to help some.