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Welcome To The Bitchery
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White People. Are You Ok? Do You Want To Talk?

Something very strange is happening.

So more and more I have been noticing that there is a growing emphasis on ethnicity when speaking about identity, in online space. Which is fine. It comes up the most when talking about or thinking about things like cultural appropriation. Which once again is fine, in fact, it’s good. I think it’s great that people are considering their personal histories and culture and how that formed them, and what is their culture. What is concerning is the conflation of ethnicity and race.


This all came to a head for me yesterday. I was out at this networking thing and I was talking to this girl about something I can’t remember now. But in response she goes, “Oh well, I’m not white I’m Italian.”


Which lead me to, white people, are you ok? You seem to be having an identity crisis, and a lot of racial stress. Do you want to talk? 

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