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White People in Mississippi want Confederate Heritage Month

You know what? I could get behind that, if the following were true:

  1. The Confederate heritage was underrepresented in history books, pop culture, and media. In fact, it should be considered shameful to worship the Confederacy.
  2. It wasn’t already Confederate Heritage Month all the time in many of the southern states.
  3. This is the big one: Confederate history is the history of American Black people too, and if they want to have a month dedicated to it, they should dedicate a hefty amount of attention to the black Confederacy - in a truthful way. Not because white people today need to feel personally responsible for slavery, but because it should always be remembered as the central engine behind the antebellum south.

If those conditions were met (they won’t be) this is conceptually fine with me, because what I’ve been saying forever is put the damn flag (and its history) in museums where it belongs. It is important for southerners to be familiar with our heritage - we just need to end the centuries-long whites only circle jerk around it.

So, since none of that is/would be true, this is a stupid dumb thing to do aimed at devaluing Black History Month.

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