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White people talk about gentrification

plus BONUS Seattle PD racism!

"I'm really glad this neighborhood is becoming more acceptable now."
"Yeah! It's so much cleaner and safer now."
"There are just so many cool new places to go shopping and get coffee down here"
"It's too bad they're tightening the rules on parking though! You used to be able to park anywhere!"


Insert DavidTenInch's eyes rolling straight out of her head. I couldn't say anything about it, because it was a birthday brunch for a bride to be, and I have several wedding related events to spend with these ladies (who I mostly don't even like that much)... so I really don't want to make the next 3 months of activities more difficult. But damn.


I woke up to a text from Mr.TenInch saying this:

"I called 911 to report a man walking down the center of 3rd with busy busses all around him. Guess what their first question was."


Just guess, GT. Of course, coming from Seattle PD, it really isn't surprising.

The guy was white, btw.


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