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White Rage and Ferguson/Doing a James Baldwin

A friend posted this WaPo blog on the real issue, white rage against progress. It's a thought provoking read. This is the paragraph that really stuck out to me:

But the real rage smolders in meetings where officials redraw precincts to dilute African American voting strength or seek to slash the government payrolls that have long served as sources of black employment. It goes virtually unnoticed, however, because white rage doesn't have to take to the streets and face rubber bullets to be heard. Instead, white rage carries an aura of respectability and has access to the courts, police, legislatures and governors, who cast its efforts as noble, though they are actually driven by the most ignoble motivations.

This dovetails with this story on Slate about the white working class and democrats...


Another blog post that caught my attention was this one where the author ponders becoming an expat.

Having lived in both Europe and Asia, race relations aren't much better overseas either. The cultures, languages and ethnicities may be different but there's still racism. You just may be more protected from it because of ignorance or by dint of being an expat, which was my experience in Asia. In Europe being literate and a speaker of French and English and able to suss out some other romance languages meant that i was somewhat aware of what was going on around me.


I get it though, i have fantasies of leaving this place and indulging in some good baozi/vins/pain au chocolat/xiao long bao. But that's not an option for many of us suffering under these unjust systems. I just don't have any real answers at this point in time. Mainly because i'm a bit overwhelmed with the situations unfolding in my own house and in the nation. But i'm hoping that in the coming months coalitions will be formed and people will start connecting to work on making some sort of change, whether in their own communities or on the national stage....

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