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White Shirt Hunt - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

If you have followed the White Shirt hunt,

A winner has been declared!

The final two shirts arrived today.

This one - on Amazon


and this one - custom made on Sumissura

I have to declare a tie between these two.

The shirt from Red House fit very well AND came with cufflinks (not mentioned in the ad). It was $5 cheaper than the custom shirt. The only downside to it is that it is not a full button-up shirt. I like the way it looks and fits, but it isn't "exactly" what I was looking for. 9/10 plus a bonus point for the free cufflinks.


The custom shirt fits EXACTLY right and is EXACTLY what I wanted - a full button up, fitted, white shirt with French cuffs. It was the second most expensive of the 5 shirts ($60), but all of the others, except the Red House, would require tailoring that would make them comparable in price to the custom shirt. It also came out of the package wrinkle free. (All of the others required ironing.) 10/10

While I would recommend both, if it is within your price range, why not go custom and get exactly what you want fitted to your measurements.


My thanks to all of you who helped with the search!

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