Lord. I will have to preface this with the “notallwhitepeople” disclaimer for clarity’s sake. So there you go.

With that out of the way, let us unpack this fuckery that was on the main page. What I took from the whole exchange was a basic chick getting mad that a guy that did not exhibit the appropriate level of gratitude for being offered the gift of her attention.

I have discussed with other commenters here that ingrained sense of superiority that white women grow up with, in thinking that they are automatically assumed to be more attractive than a WOC. I can’t help to assume that that attitude extends to MOC and believing that most would be honored to date a white woman. Echoes of this were heard in Lena Durham’s rant about not receiving the attention of another MOC. Both women act as if they are entitled to black men and are genuinely insulted when the black man in question pays them little attention.

This reminds me of incident with a woman I worked with years ago. We both worked in entertainment and there was a celebrity that we would see from time to time. One day, he very clearly made a pass at me, which included jumping out of the elevator just to continue the conversation. I was ecstatic when it happened because he was hot and I was crushing on him hard. When I told my friend, she first tried to down play it. Then she said, and I quote, “he’s never said anything to me!” Her boyfriend jumped in before I could respond with, “it sounds like you’re jealous.” The attitude she clearly had was that there was no possible way he could like me if he had never said anything to her, even though she was obviously cuter. And considering that we’re both curvy and equal levels of attractiveness, the only difference was our skin color.


So excuse me while I bathe in these white tears as more basic Beckys realize that their whiteness alone will not guarantee the attention of men. Like many of the Trump supporters (and I am sure there is plenty of overlap), you’re going to have to step your game up if you want to be a worthy competitor in this game of life.

And I won’t even get into the bullshit of actually dating a hot white guy and having white women openly flirt with him in front of you, thinking that the only reason why his dating a black women is because he couldn’t find a white woman he liked.