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White, White Men And Their White Fee Fees: Not okay, You guize?!

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A rant based on something I've been harboring for awhile, but ultimately provoked by:



I don't know if this counts as a tone argument - it probably does.

I despise whatever it is, the Lolcats Internet Feminist Dialect? The 'Thatz NOT Okay!' and 'fee fees' and the need to add 'white cis straight male' before every adversarial noun, followed by a 'and their white dude boners' clause. The phrase 'fee fees' alone makes me want to commit horrible acts of violence against myself and others. It just feels... childish, shallow, insipid, lazy, unproductive, repetitive and useless. Vapid. So many cases where it's used are incredibly reductive and, actually, way off base because the person actually put zero thought into it before they unloaded. It has no need to be articulate or specific, because hey, I'm aggrieved here.


I see people I agree with and because they express themselves like this, I actually want to argue with them. I am not white, straight or male and it makes me more sympathetic to whoever they're arguing against. Not to mention, I see plenty of regular Jezebel commentators, some of whom are women, get blasted by someone who was all too eager to accuse them of being 'a straight white dude who can take his white dude boner and get out of here' just because someone disagrees or wasn't 100% on-board with what was being said.

It is basically righteous indignation with funny spelling and righteous indignation is good for demagoguery, rabble rousing and stroking one's ego. I think it takes conversations to a bad place, presents terribly, and we'd all be better off without it.


I don't hate everyone who does this, because a lot of people do it, but I probably hate everyone when they do it. And now I've spent way too many words talking about this. Rant over.

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