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White wine and dog biscuits: in which I am a classy-ass broad

Just came back from chillin with exGod's partner. I know, I know—I should cut all ties and blahblahblah, but she is nice and mad cool and has been checking in on me a lot since the breakup. We had hummus and wine and shot the shit and didn't talk about him at all. Came home and saw roomies bought Pepper "dog cookies" and I decided to try a bit before I gave it to her. It was very dry and dense and crunchy, but not disgusting. The "icing" and "sprinkles" were actually pretty good, and aside from how tough it was to chew the thing itself wasn't horrible (seriously, it was comparable to public school cafeteria food). I had two earnest bites before I decided that maybe eating a doggie cookie was not a reputable human thing to do.

Many people stay away from Tequila, but I'm Mexican so it doesn't affect me :p . White wine, however, makes me do dumb shit, y'all. I turn into a fucking reality show star. Just say no to white wine.


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