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White Woman has Biracial Baby After Sperm Bank Mix-up, Reveals Her Racism

I can't even with this story.

"I don't find any problems with having a mixed-race child as far as I am concerned," Cramblett told NBC News, tearfully noting that she loves her biracial child and wants her to grow up in a more inclusive environment. "[Payton] will understand it wasn't about, 'We didn't want you. We wanted a white baby.' That wasn't what it was about."


The self-delusion is strong in this one.

ETA: Also, speaking on the legal issue here, I don't think public policy should allow for this suit. Suits against sperm banks should be related to health, drug addiction, that sort of thing. Race? No. That's institutionalizing racism. Thats saying that the government agrees that having a healthy black baby is a bad thing worthy of renumeration of damages.

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