I’m reading a paper right now that analyzed subgroup differences in the votes for Hillary versus Trump. Although more white women voted for Trump than for Hillary, there are sizable subgroup differences in there (unfortunately these findings were aggregated across race/ethnicity). Single women were WAY more likely to vote for HRC, and lesbian and bisexual women were WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY more likely to vote for HRC (yes, WAY is a statistical term). Women with higher levels of education were also more likely to vote for HRC, as were women who identified as feminist.

Women who described themselves as homemakers were more likely to vote for Trump, as were married women. These are the women we need to reach, and these are the women whose views might be the least likely to shift (esp the homemakers). So, how do we reach them? How do we help them see that voting for Trump/the GOP isn’t in their best interest?

Also of note, gay men were also more likely to vote for Hillary, but bi men were less likely - which is super interesting.

As an aside, I got a late release ticket to see Samantha Bee tonight. There’s a chance I still might not get in - but I am beyond excited. I’m going to try for John Oliver tickets later today.