So this article basically lays out why really only black women (mostly) vote for all women and it sure as hell makes a lot of sense of White Feminism.

In my opinion, honestly, we got Obama and if we hadn’t, probably none of this would be happening. We won the vote one time and we’ll never stop paying for that in retaliation, and married white women are #1 on the list for why, followed, sadly, by Latina women. I learned a lot from this article and all of it was really fucking depressing.

I guess t doesn’t matter anyway, since N Korea says we declared war on them (I mean by “we” if they mean Sharto Shitstain then yeah, he kind of did, on fucking Twitter. This Graham-Cassidy thing, the humanitarian disasters going on in the nearby world that the govt gives less than a shit about because they involve brown, possibly poor people, have burned me out. I fucking hope that slimy motherfucker and his slimy confederates die last, burning and screaming and then maybe just being crunchy for a while with no aid or succor.

Probably not, but fuck this stupid earth. We’re all paying because white women need the D, and I had a point I was driving toward when I first started this post and it made sense and everything but my first time reading the news in 2 weeks has sent me into a suicidal depression and I feel like we’re not going to ever turn the tide and I’m crying so fuck it all I’m going to be mindless and intoxicated until Kim Jong Un kisses Las Vegas or thereabouts with a warhead.