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So... I totally promised myself I wouldn't post anything else substantial/controversial for the rest of the week because the flood of comments positively kills me very time, but #WhiteWomanPrivilege is trending on twitter and it dovetails so nicely with my article on White Feminism that I just couldn't resist.


If you read the piece and really didn't get it, and still want "evidence" that the brand of white feminism that I was detailing in the piece does, in fact, exist, HERE IS THE EVIDENCE. Anecdotal, but still. I've been retweeting stuff on my timeline from @BattyMamzelle if you want a shortcut way to read, but basically searching the tag is your best bet.


ETA: Twitter user Auragasmic (who is white) started the tag. Not white lady is terrible, nor do I think so. Ta da!

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