I ran into what seemed like a nice, friendly person in the grays here tonight. And in doing so it came to me: well, that's unusual.

Look at the comments on the main GT page. Where a year ago they'd be two-thirds approved commenters and one-third grays, now there's like literally zero gray comments on most every post here. None. I wonder why that is. I don't think it's bad, necessarily, but I'm curious about it. Have we been too effectively hidden away?

I know that losing Burt as the night Jez voice lost us a lot of shares to the main Jez page and the exposure that brings. We used to get one or two articles from here shared just about every day. I don't think any of the new crop of Jez writers is even aware GT exists, so that's something of a change. I certainly don't see any of them interacting here in the way that Burt and Laura Beck and others did not so long ago. Which is fine, that's not their job. But still, it's new. I know Jez has a fairly new EIC, but honestly, I couldn't tell you her name, or what her vision is for the site. So it's probably not surprising they're as indifferent to us as we are to them. And yet this place is still groupthink.jezebel.com, not groupthink.kinja.com, so there's at least a nomenclatural connection, even if it sometimes feels like a phantom digital limb.

What do you think?