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I’m angry almost all the time these days, which is a strange feeling, because I’m used to thinking of myself as almost pathologically non-confrontational.

I just got back from a weekend with extended family where in I faked being sick so I wouldn’t blow up at my sister for something they did that was admittedly obnoxious, but not worth making a scene over.

I then picked a fight on OK Cupid, which is something that I have literally never done before. Again, they were being a bit obnoxious, but it wasn’t felony level behavior: I had sent someone with a promising profile a very chatty and friendly message. And he  wrote back simply “ ‘alot’ isn’t a word.” And....I just...couldn’t leave it alone.


This is not uncommon behavior in the world, I know, it’s just very uncommon for me.

I’m so angry at this country. I’m so angry at all the people I’ve been talking to in Pennsylvania this week who have told me variations on, “it’s all the same to me and I don’t care enough to vote.”

I’m so angry at this job market and how getting a job that is actually in the field I want to work in feels increasingly impossible.

I’m so angry for my friend, who is going to be half a million dollars in debt by the time she finishes med school. She wants to be a primary care doctor working on health disparities issues, but she is starting to think that she can’t afford to do this. And that sucks on so many levels.


Who and what are you angry at?

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