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Who Are Your Favorite YouTubers?

To cleanse my palette from that horrific video posted downthread, I wanted to ask people who their favorite YouTubers are at the moment. I really like Sanne from Books and Quills. She does a great job of balancing book reviews, talking about her translation and publishing work and then just having some great "tagged" videos. She's a Dutchwoman living in London trying to break into publishing and her videos are very fun to watch without having that horrible, second-hand-embarrassment-inducing "cuteness" or attempt at comedy.

On the other side of things, I actually like Chelsea, formerly of Old Hot Radio and Ophelia Dagger and a few other handles. She has a bit of a Russell Brand delivery which I sometimes find annoying, but otherwise she's actually very funny and occasionally talks about books (she's also friends with Sanne, which is how I found her in the first place).


Who are some of your favorites?

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