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Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I went intoa groupshop, a place where dealers rent booths and stock their booth with oldish stuff. Anyways I saw this book on a shelf with other books. I thought "who exactly will buy it". Collectors maybe? Not sure who would collect this series. Great grandparents for their great grandchildren? Maybe. I would think most parents would not really be familiar with this series bur have liked it. The book was this

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My poor, poor pizza. We went to my fav grocery store. I ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza. The guy put the slice into the oven. I was not paying attention to what shelf. I waited, its suppose to take three minutes to warm up, I waited. Then I saw him leave. So this woman who was making sandwiches said "may I help you". I said "waiting for my pizza slice". She openned the bottom draw to the oven, not there, second drawer, not there. This is now close to ten minutes. She found it top draw still cooking. She turned to me and said "this is not where pizza gets reheated". Then she took it out. I paid for that and an orange soda. Its 1/4 of a 19 inch pizza. I ate it in the cafeteria. It was dry even the pepperoni, bottom was more black then brown. My nother joined me for the crust and said "its hard and dry it should be moist and fluffy". She said "next time you wait so long ask them for a new piece". I hate wasting a slice and have them do extra work. Should I have said "its been cooking for about ten minutes could I have a new slice?". I do not think the guy should have walked off without finishing the task at hand, taking the slice out, pricing it and handing it to me.

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