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Who caulks around the base of a toilet? Now we need to replace part of the floor.

So for some reason, the person who installed the toilet in our main bath caulked around the bottom of it. This is a BAD IDEA. The other day, I was cleaning the toilet, and happened to flush while kneeling beside it and I noticed water leaking from a spot where the caulking had come loose.

No biggie, we went out and bought a replacement wax ring. But then we lifted the toilet. Turns out, it had been leaking for quite some time, only we didn't know about it, because someone freaking caulked around the base of the toilet. This means that for God knows how long, every time someone flushed the toilet, water has been leaking out, and puddling under the toilet. If the toilet hadn't been caulked, it would have flowed out, and we would have noticed sooner.


There's now a small section of floor under the toilet that is squishy. So we are going to have to fix the floor. But wait! It gets more complicated.

The floor in our bathroom is vinyl, so we're going to have to rip the whole thing up and replace it in order to work on the squishy part of the floor.

To top it off, the bathtub is a lovely old cast iron, clawfoot tub. Which means it is sitting on top of the vinyl flooring. So to redo floor, we are going to have to get the tub out of the way. The tub also looks big enough that it won't fit through the door.

Ah, the joys of home repair.

Mr. I replaced the floor in one of our spare bedrooms. He did a good job, but it took him over a year to get it all done. Thankfully, he has readily admitted that he works too slowly to redo the floor in our main bathroom, so now we're working on hiring a contractor. Anybody have an tips on that front?

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