all over her laptop? THIS GIRL!

Urgghgghghg. So one third of the screen is weird. Granted, I have a huge screen so I can still function but I'm real worried that won't be the end of it so I'm ordering a new one. Since, you livelihood depends on it. I let it dry out all night, but the screen weirdness happened immediately, and by all Googling I have found that it will not reverse itself. I looked into getting the screen replaced and it's a million dollars - and god knows what else I fried in there. I mean it was A WHOLE GLASS.

Mostly I feel like a dope. I hope Boyancé doesn't decide I'm an idiot and leave me (why can't I just be a regular person without catastrophic anxiety?) He didn't seem mad and we need to order it out of his account because I'm waiting to be paid on stuff.

Oddly enough, I had to replace my last computer because of a wine spill. It died a slow death, and at the time I didn't have all this freelance work so it was not a big deal to be a few days without a computer but I can't risk it now. Mandatory lids for me, now!