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Remember when Jan Brewer was a teabaggin darlin' ? Well, that is all over now.

Now, according to one Arizona Republican she is a “so-called Republican.” “She’s a big spending, big government, tax-raising Republican. She is George Bush in a skirt. She loves to spend money.”



Says Salon.com:

After weeks of standoff and a string of promised vetoes, House Republican leaders threw in the towel Wednesday: Jan Brewer, Tea Party hero, had successfully crammed Obamacare down Arizona Republicans’ throats.

Conservative blogs in the state have started calling it “Obrewercare” and activists rally against the governor whenever she appears publicly. “The image of a strong, finger-waving-at-the-President leader gives way to a portrait of a puppet politician surrendering her state and turning her back on the wishes of her own people,” one popular blogger wrote. Many of the county-level Republican Parties in the state have passed resolutions opposing the governor’s move on healthcare.

Obrewercare. Oh, burn.

Possibly even more shocking:

One of the pieces of legislation Brewer vetoed in making good on her promise to stop anything until the Legislature caved was a “religious freedom” bill favored by the Christian right in the state.


That's right, she also vetoed a religious freedom bill.

Whoa, Jan.

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