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Who do you want to recognize NOW...

NOW.....before they die? Before it’s too late to be in the same room with them. People get old before we know it.

While there is still time to go to a concert, or reading, or panel where they’ll be giving themselves to us?

There are so many treasured people we know who have shaped us, or given us some kind of strength or epiphany. Or we don’t know about them & learn about them when their obituary appears somewhere and we wish we’d known them while they were here with us.


Lately, mine have been music related, with Dolly & Tina first on my list. I was too late for Whitney & Aretha. I have Stevie Wonder & Willie Nelson & Paul Simon in my front pocket. Mark Bittman & Neil Degrasse Tyson for the food & stars contingent.

Age is a fucker.

What about yours?

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