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-Roku has added an FXNow and HBOGo for Comcast customers (thanks Daddy for the login!) FXNow app includes all of The Simpsons

-Geekboy's sister ugh. She was so pissy last night at dinner, I came between dinner and dessert and she made sure to take her nephews aside and say "Now remember our family comes first at Christmas even when you get older and married." Really I can't have dinner with my parents Geekboy didn't even come with me he was at their house already.

-OH! She was also complaining because her Mommy friends put up tree pictures "Look what Santa brought". She was complaining to her husband about how everyone else "just spoils their kids with a pile of presents". In reality she basically made her husband feel 2 inches tall I felt so bad for him.


-She keeps giving Geekboy crap because he's still trying to quit smoking. His vape pen broke Christmas Eve afternoon, so he was smoking regular cigarettes (I think he had 4 in like 6 hours)She and her husband were smokers for years apparently.

-Geekboy's family sings Christmas Carols around the table. I'm sorry its just too hokey my eyes almost fell out of my head from rolling them so hard

-I cleaned the house a little till I got felled by a headache so the house is somewhat clean?

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