Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hedgehim is at his business school class til nine, which means he gets home at ten. Since we're "olds" that pretty much means it's bedtime, after eating quick meal.

Last week, I was really motivated to be productive. I did some job searching (not happy in my current position), cleaned the kitchen and did the laundry. Tonight, I had to pick up dogfood and the fifteen minute turned into half an hour trip has zapped all my desire to do anything. (Not to mention the fact that I left the dog crate open and he got into the recycling and made a mess.) I don't want to cook dinner. I want to eat cereal and I want hedgehim to eat cereal because I don't want to cook dinner. Feeling so blah.

Now downing a large glass of wine and sulking. Keep me company GT.

ETA: Oh! And my dog somehow got a cookie I was saving for myself off of the counter. I can only assume that he and the cat are colluding for noms (that only the dog eats).


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