Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Who else is making a big dinner for Easter?

What'cha makin'? How many people are you cooking for? Was it your idea, or did you get volunteered?

I'm cooking for 12, somewhat unintentionally. It started with the 8 of us, then I asked my friend if she and her son had any plans and they didn't, so I invited them. Then my mom and step dad announced that they're coming by.


I'm Making a ham with a brandied apple glaze, potato and onion casserole, peas with mushrooms, and candied carrots. Carrot cake for dessert (hopefully. If I get that far.) My mom is bringing a veggie tray and a couple bags of salad. Everything is gluten free, and dairy free, of course.

I should probably go get started on all that, if it's going to be done by 4pm!

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