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Christine Feehan. I read the first five of her megaselling Carpathian novels. They are all essentially the same. Deeply depressed Carpathian who are vampires but are not. Start seeing the worldin black and white. Now do they see a therapist to telll them its intheir head? Nope they need a woman. Of course none can truly understand modern women and that’s where they get more morose and confused. Yet they have been living for centuries.

Clive Cussler serious the books read like bad 50 action comics with no superheroes. Also that Cussler appears in his own novels never make sense. Blah.

James Patterson I liked him and loved the Alex Cross stories but seriously he has become a one man Harlequin. I cannot keep up. Also how is Cross still alive with soooo many serial killers wanting to kill him. His stand alone Sundays At Tiffanys was actually a very good cowritten novel. The Number novels started good but got so predictable. Seriously are there that many serial killers?


Janet Evanovich I gave up with book 19 of the Plum books. One more

Ranger “Babe” or her sidekick saying “Did you just call me fat?” or her mother sneaking a sip of booze. All of which were funny or tolerable the first two or three times but every book four or five times minimum too much.

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