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Who had "The visiting scholar is going to just show up at your house"?

We really should have started some bets on what would happen in the ongoing saga with the visiting scholar!!! Background here:

I told her it wasn’t for rent any longer. My mentor emailed her and told her she was on her own to find her own place. My mentor also told her very clearly to not contact me anymore because her emails (sent the whole exchange to them) were not collegial/appropriate and made me uncomfortable. My mentor said that the scholar was responsible for finding her own place (I actually want to frame that email bc it is the first time mentor has stood up for me so directly!). Admin person followed up with information on how to find a nearby airbnb. I checked on my own and found a ton of rooms for ~$50 a night. They were tiny - but they were like one block from work and just fine (not as nice as my room though).


So, visiting scholar *just* wrote to me and said she was just about to get on the plane to NYC and would be staying with me because she can’t find anything “satisfactory.” She said she has a lot of work to do and cannot waste time finding a place. She said that we will be working at the same school and should “help each other.” She told me to just “forget about the past” and that she will be here tomorrow. Oh, and too late to say no bc she is getting on a plane.

Forwarded the email to my mentor - no response (grrr... why aren’t they awake yet?). So I wrote back and said that I was sorry but the room wasn’t available and recommended a hotel until she found a place.


UPDATE: Mentor connected with faculty member who works with visiting scholar and is from the same country. Faculty member will call scholar and tell her not to show up at my house and that given she has been told not to contact me, that we will call the police. Mentor lives a few blocks from me and will come over if the scholar shows up.


ANOTHER UPDATE:  Scholar emailed me that she found a “nice” place to live.  Phew.  Hopefully this is over.  I asked staff to never introduce us nor to point me out to her.  I can dodge her for two months as I am only on campus twice a week.

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