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Who has a job? I do!

I am so excited! I put in the application yesterday about 8am, got a call from the owner about 2pm, interviewed at 8:30pm (it’s a 24 hour business) and was hired on the spot. This, after not even getting a call from the first four or five apps I put in other places. I think it was meant to be. Happily for me, so does the owner :D I’m an out of work baker dying to work in a small funky cafe kinda place: she’s looking for someone to spearhead the expansion of the baking department in her small funky cafe kinda place. I'm probably looking at some gnarly hours, but she wants to work with me on my schedule so hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm so freaking excited! I thought I was just applying to make coffee and smoothies, maybe do a little cooking, and now I'm looking at the strong possibility of running my own department. Omg.


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