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Who has two thumbs and kind of likes Christmas this year?

Me! I said, TO HELL WITH YOU, PEOPLE, and we are having our very own just-us Christmas and I couldn't be happier. Every time someone has been asking me if we are going anywhere for Christmas (presumably to visit any of our numerous and spread out family), I just Grinch smile at them and shake my head.

Things that didn't occur to me about taking back Christmas:

1. My soon-to-be husband and I have not had a Christmas to even figure out what we would ever want to do for Christmas.


2. I have never, ever seen a New Orleans Christmas. WTF?

3. I don't have to MacGuyver all my gifts so that I can somehow get them to where they are going. I just shipped them, and was done with it!

4. I don't have to travel with The Common People and their spawn.

5. I'm not flat broke. I'm a tiny bit tight, because of gifts, but not broke. Usually I am terrifyingly broke and spend a few months paying of credit cards after Christmas. Not this time, motherfuckers! TAKE THAT, ECONOMY.


I used to feel like I am traditionally a Scrooge, but I could have totally ROCKED Christmas this year. I could have decorated, baked, had a party. I was in the spirit. I was ready to go. I didn't because I never had before, but hell yes to non-family, non-traveling, non-obligatory Christmas.

Boyancé and I are waking up, opening presents, seeing a movie, and then having friends over for dinner and I will cook a delicious feast. BOOM.


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