Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Sigh. My friend who normally cares for my cat and watches my house will be out of town the same time as me the next time I have to travel.

I need to find a professional pet sitter to come and check in on my very shy cat. Feed, water, empty litter box. I doubt there will be any play time involved because he will hide under the bed the entire time there is a stranger in the house.


There are two services in my area that have great reviews, are bonded and insured, and members of national organizations. My question is, how do you actually trust someone you just met to have full access to your home and pet while you are out of town? Will I be worrying every minute I'm gone that they won't actually care for my pet and will leave him to starve to death? Will they rob me of what few valuables I have?

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