I should be more clear: Travelocity. And no, I don’t really hate them, it’s just...confusing.

So, a couple of months ago I make plans to go down and stay with my folks in Florida while my brother and his family visit his in-laws for Christmas. I got JetBlue reservations through Travelocity. So far, so good.

Then, everything went to Helena Handbasket (actually, that’s my retirement plan: A restaurant in Montana called “Helena Handbasket,” which will have as its fully-owned subsidiary a bar called “Helena Bucket.” But I digress).

My mom died a week ago Tueday. I flew down and my brother and I agreed that it would be best to have Dad come up north to stay with my family over the holidays.


First, I talked to Travelocity and after about an hour and a half, had made the reservation, and managed to get my ticket cashed in and exchanged. A little tricky, because Dad an I have different last names.



I never got an itinerary from Travelocity for the new flight. But I am able to prove that it exists by checking the (old) confirmation number at JetBlue’s site. OK.


So then my brother and I realize that Dad might have trouble during the five-hour layover on this flight, so I make a reservation (JetBlue again) to fly down ahead of time to the layover airport and then fly back with him. And when I go to check my reservation at JetBlue’s site? It doesn’t exist.

So I get on the phone with a human at JetBlue and they clear everything up and even get good seats for my dad and seat us together for the flight north. And I find out that my reservation does show up—if I don’t use the hyphen in my last name.


So I guess I don’t really hate Jet Blue. Or Travelocity. I’m just gobsmacked by the entire process. And that’s what I did on my LunchHour+.

Next time? I’m going with a travel agent.