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Who hates HP printers today? ETA: solved, still half-blame HP.

I looked up directions on your site, HP. They were not useful. And then you asked for feedback, so I gave it to you, HP. I hope that was okay.

You asked:

How can we improve this document? (Please provide details)

So I told you with, as Pratchett said it, less grammar than feeling:

Well I can't tell you what to put on there because I don't know what information is needed because I still haven't got it to work. I just know that what this said was useless. There were options to feed from different trays; this looked most likely but changed nothing, and yes I rebooted things and made sure there was nothing in the other tray (and also tried with paper in the other tray just in case) and tried with one envelope in AND multiple envelopes in and from different word processing programs. And then gave up and scrawled on the envelope like a polio-stricken kindergartener because I had to mail the thing today. So admissions is going to see my horrible handwriting. I live like a block away from one of your places and every time this sort of thing happens I want to, like, find an executive parking space and then just STANK-EYE whoever gets in the car. And they'll know why.

They'll know it's because of printers.

And I'm sorry for making light of polio, I realize it is a serious issue.


And it made me feel a little better, even though it will make no difference except to mildly annoy some unfortunate person (or inadequate program) by being longer than average. But I do not forgive you, HP. You have betrayed my trust too many times.

Please join me today in hating HP.

ETA: I figured it out. There is a wide tray and a skinny tray. I still have no idea how to print things from the skinny tray, but envelopes go in the wide tray, skinny side forward. I was wrong to assume.

And then I was definitely wrong to search for instructions for a 6520 printer instead of a 6250 one when, you know, putting something in the top tray of the printer and then telling it to print from the top tray didn't work. And I know I did that, because there were two tray options and I tried both.

So…half my fault?

ETA again: There is a tiny black-on-black but nonetheless extant envelope icon in the bottom tray. Five-eighths my fault, 1/8 poor lighting.


ETAAAAARGH: Just realized I railed at the completely wrong webpage like an idiot ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH.


Screw this, I'm going to go have chicken pot pie for dinner and not think about this anymore. At all. Ever.


Revised blame estimation: I was a responsible person today because I voted and that's what's important, okay.

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