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Who Here Recalls Major Matt Mason? And Big Little Books of 60s and 70s? Also comic question

Today I saw on a group shop a Big Little Book called Major Matt Mason Moon Mission published in 1968. I recall having it in early 70s, not sure if a first edition or reprint. I was 5 to 6 years old, editions would have meant nothing to me then.

I perused the book at the shop hoping the plot would jump out at me and I would recall it. I saw it was with a giant bunny. I found one of the giant bunny pages online.


A two ton rabbit hopping all over the moon. Also a link to that chapter.

Here is the book cover. The book was $7.00 in the shop.

Anyone recall Mason? Also for those who grew up in this era am I the only one with an incredible fondness for this book series?


My two favs.


Does anyone know why Whitman had the rights to do novels of both Marvel and DC? They did a Fantastic Four book too.


Journey to Center of The Earth was based on the cartoon series which was loosely based on the 1950s movie.

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