Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Here’s some photos from Bernie Sanders’ appearance at the LA Sports Arena last night. A really good, positive energy overall, even though getting in and out of the Sports Arena was a clusterfuck. I don’t think the venue knew what they were getting into!

Also, it was cool to see Sarah Silverman there, and she introduced him for his speech. There were a few other speakers before Bernie came on, and even though their speechifyin’ wasn’t top-notch, their outlook and overall message was positive. Symone Sanders, his new press secretary was AWESOME, btw.


In the end, I doubt that Bernie will be able to pass legislation to make college tuition-free, but I’m way more hopeful about his wanting to get Wall Street out of politics and to overturn Citizens United. He said that if he gets the Presidency, his litmus test for potential Supreme Court justices would be their dedication to overturning CU. YESSSS. His integrating talking points about institutional racism into his platform was very hopeful, as well.

I love that he’s gaining ground, and actually listening to his supporters!

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