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For me, it’s Misty Copeland.

I know that a lot of us are big fans of this lady. Especially for Groupthinkers who are part of the black community. Her accomplishments are huge and important, especially for black dancers.


But she also inspires other people as well. Like me. A white girl who’s a swing dancer with an “unconventional” body.

I’m considered an advanced dancer in my city’s swing dance community, however, I tend to get ignored because I don’t look like your typical dancer (basically, I’m a size 14). It can be really really discouraging, because I’m not afforded the same opportunities as dancers who fit more the typical attractive mold. I recently watched the documentary about Misty. I see her and I see a beautiful, powerful dancer. And in the ballet world she’s considered “big” (i.e fat...seriously, the ballet world is messed up). But she’s amazing! Not just despite her difference, but because of it! I watched it and thought “I wanna be like her! I can be like her damnit! The dancer with the atypical body who makes it work for her”. And this past week, I entered a dance competition and I made finals and placed 2nd! I NEVER make finals, let alone place. I’m convinced it’s because of Misty. She’s now my good luck charm and inspiration whenever I feel down about my dancing.

Who’s you’re inspiration? Or feel free to simply fangirl about Misty.

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