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Who is allowed to have children?

Sometimes, I get really bummed out by the shitty things facebook 'friends', friends, family, Gawker Media commenters and general public says about women who have children or get pregnant.

It feels like it's only ok for one to procreate if:

  • you are already of a certain economic class ("is it fair for you to have children when you're that poor?")
  • you practice a certain religion
  • you are married or in a relationship commenter approves of
  • it was totally planned
  • the baby is guaranteed 100% free of disabilities (LOL SAYS LIFE)
  • the baby will probably be attractive. Seriously, I've saw a comment this morning on facebonk wondering if a high school acquaintance's baby will inherit certain features.
  • mother will birth and/or raise child in a way approved of by the commenter

Why do people think it's ok to say these things aloud/type them up? It's so purposefully hurtful and tonedeaf. I see them all over and want to push my hand through the internet and bop someone with a newspaper. No! Bad commenter!



  • an approved name
  • age and perceived parental intelligence/life experience

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