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Who Is Buying Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon?

It comes out Friday for the 3ds.

I disliked Pokemon Moon strongly.

The characters annoyed me. Lillie and the Professor especially. The professor creeped me out. Lillie good lord how many times must she need being rescued.


I hated the Trials bring back the Gyms.

Too much water ok it was islands.

I played and finished every previous generation but this. I started the third island and quit. Emerald and Black 2 are my favs. I liked X.

Still I hoped for a complete from scratch redo of this game. Nope it seems more enhanced then anything else. I know it has Warp places to catch Pokemon.

I may buy it used. That should be withen three weeks.

I still have to finish Etrian Odyssey V (only one floor 8), LBX and Ultimate NES Challenge (or something similar which I have not started). EOV I am only 24 hours in.


So who is buyimg Ultra Sun or Moon?

Here is a review it focuses on the difference between Sun and Moon with the Ultra games.


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