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Update: Third Video Best One: Jesus Christ Superstar Live NBC Looks Like A Trainwreck

Who is the idiot who thought John Legend was a good choice for Jesus? I am familiar with All Of Me and he strains to reach the high notes. Here is him singing Gesthemene. Oh god. He talk sings similar to Frank Sinatra minus the emotions. Jesus is in torment, high emotions and HIGH notes. Yes its 30 seconds but seems so flat in a talk sing voice.

Here is Brandon Victor Dixon truly fantastic vocals. This song is suppose to be a taunt almost a sneering quality. He sings it very well but the emotions are absent almost happy at the end happy.


He sings it as if its just a song and not the concluding song where Jesus is dying on the cross and Judas taunts him and mocks him with “Buddha could move a mountain”, “no mass communication”, “did you know your message would be such a record breaker”.

Also the choir? Where are the female demons mocking angels? I never understood were they there to mock Mary or Jesus? I always went back and forth. I always leaned Mary. They better not do a massive choir. I always thought the female demons mocking angels was important.

Found third video again with huge choir. This is Erik Gronwall as Simon. He nails it. He sings as if he understands this is for a musical not a standalone song. Should have been Judas.

I am curious the costumes for Sundays live performance is this what they are wearing?

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