Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Y’all, I can’t be the only one who is TIRED. Let us all combine together here, tired and weary, and discuss how we got in this state.

Like the statue of liberty says... give me your tired!

I am tired because my new schedule is kicking my ass...I have a weekly dance group that I’ve been doing for years that meets Monday nights, and isn’t over with til 10. As a morning person who is usually in bed by 10, that’s rough, but I take a later shift at work the next day and get an extra hour to sleep in, so it’s okay. But like 6 months ago I answered “would be interested in helping show people older dances” which I thought would mean I’d come and maybe dance at a two hour workshop so make it easier on the instructor. It has turned out to mean that I’m now co-teaching an entire 10 week class. With the time involved and stress of trying to plan it (and omg has it been stressful from dealing with a very overplanning and non collaborative co-teacher to our main instructor (not purposefully) saying the MEANEST thing about me I have heard in a long time, I almost quit the morning before the first class, but it ended up going so beautifully so I’m glad I didn’t) plus the fact that I have a late night on Monday, work late on Tuesdays, and now dance late on Wednesday and early Thursday.... and also all the physical activity. It is a lot. and I’m tired.


But... I want to say this. I recently started taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism and while I am tired right now, it is a completely different kind of tired than I have been feeling. This isn’t the chemical imbalance tired, the lethargic, can’t tired, bone tired, disconnected, brain tired, world is hazy tired. This is the first time in a long time where I’ve just felt normal healthy human tired. And It’s making me weirdly happy. For anyone who has never struggled with that kind of tired - the depression tired, the hormone tired, the caused by something other than you tired, it is so very very very different than a normal tired. So even if someone explains to you that people with depression are just “tired” all the time... its not the same as when you imagine yourself as tired. I can’t think of better words other than it’s just a can’t tired. I’m tired, but this is a can tired.

I hope no one is playing a drinking game to this where they drink when I wrote tired. Now tell me your tiredness stories, my weary GTers!

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