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Who needs advice? I'm on a roll

I have a big ol’ Mom buzz on. My bigger boy called me from his grown-up life in Denver for feedback on something he experienced. He did this about a month ago too. We had another great talk and at the end he told me he thought I was awesome, he’s proud of me, that talking to me is helpful these days, and he wants to come have Christmas with me. (!!!!!!!!)

It’s as good a time as any to launch ASK A CRONE, for those seeking advice from mature persons and who would rather be shot dead than talk about a particular thing with their actual parents.

I promise to provide thoughtful feedback based on personal experience. (Live a while, shit goes down.) If I don’t think I have anything useful to offer I will say so. Anyone wanting to chime in is welcome, especially others of an interesting age.


So, who needs another cookie? More milk? let me get you a quilt, you look a bit chilly. Is there anything we want to talk about?

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