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Who Saw: Holy Hell. It Is A Must See CNN Documentary

The show is about a cult headed by Michael Ronstead. In the documentary he likes togo by other names. The one doing the documentary was in the cult for over 20 years and many former members speak.

The group was my understanding about meditation. Instead it turned into a cuot of personality. The leader was extremely narcissistic and sexual sadist and a manipulator. He convinced one woman to have two abortions. The narrator noted at no time while he was a member no babies were born. Thats chilling.


The leader also sexualy abused many of the young 20 something men regardless of their sexual orientation convincing them it was part of therapy.

The amazing part is why did they stay? After one day of listening to him I would be gone. These were folks who were educated had jobs and had money. One member even bought him a house. Even being sexually abused, Michael was paid for it.


The former members describing what was going on was incredble. Anyone from the outside looking in would say “get out”. This man is a narcissist amd sadist.

My mother thinks he preyed on those with low selfesteem and open to being led.

Its on CNN it does last two hours but it does not feel like it.

Wiki on it.


Anyone else watch? What are your thoughts?

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