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Who Saw The Chicago Documentary in CNN?

We saw it this evening on OnDemand. I suspected my mother would hate it after ten minutes. My god it was good. We were enthralled.

So many observations.

A) How did all except for Terry Kath live until the 1980s? They kept talking about the amount of drug use and how one took cocaine while checking his heartbeat to see how fast he could make it go. Amazingly none took a fatal overdose.


B) My mother noticed how the earlier songs had such a heavy jazz influence. She was right Kath wanted it to be a Rock Jazz fusion.

C) There was such a love for Terry Kath. Yet also a seeming contempt for Peter Cetera. The four founding members disliked how Cetera wanted to turn the band to a ballad band but how with the video age he and David Foster took over in the 80s. David Foster is a producer, song writer and pianist.

D) In every group almost always one person becomes the brains ie the practical one that keeps things going. Along with the heart the one who keeps everyone connected emotionally. Lamm seemed to fill the brains part and Loughane the heart. I could be wrong but those were my impressions.

E) Fifty years. Wow. I knew most of their songs from music videos ie the Foster years. Not just talent but watching their journey from college students to hippies to early 70s men. Yet while these founders aged they adapted by filling out the group with youngish folk. It also showed how bands like a family fight but do stick together.


F) I did not get the issue with Seraphine. He was an original member but circa 1990 fired because of distractions? There seemed to be more to the story. After 20 plus years how did he ever get distracted it affected performances. A first year drummer, ok. You would think after 20 years he could compartmentalize.

I cannot recommend this show more.

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