Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay, so there's a Mr. Rogers biopic in the works, and some of the names apparently floating around out there are:

Greg Kinnear (Meh)
Tom Hanks (No, just no.)
Jason Segel (Srsly? Too young.)
James Franco (Um.. there are not enough words to express the giant hell no that this is.)


I grew up being simultaneously freaked out and drawn to Mr. Rogers. He and my father bore striking resemblances to each other, and it was just weird. Dark/grey hair, eye bags, longish ear lobes, saggy-ish skin, tooth shape(!) and their similar build made me think that perhaps my grandparents gave up Mr. Rogers for adoption because twins would've been too much for them to handle. I wish I had a picture of my dad to post to share in my freaked-out-ness (totally a word, I swear,) but our relationship ended badly and, well, yanno.

So. Who do y'all think should play the best cardigan wearer of all time?

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