Simce cable blossomed in the 80s has Bonanza ever been off the air for even a day? I do not think so. In the 70s I know it was on daily in syndication and still is. Often times TVLand will air it twice a day. I watched it with my grandmother daily for a while when it aired in late afternoon in the mid 70s as a kid it bored me except Hoss could be funny. I remember every time a son was getting married.the bride to be was.killed.

Is this now a people watch and repeat the dialogue? I would think they could by now. I never got the appeal of this show except for Hoss. Little Joe annoyed me, the father was a pontificator, the cook was a stereotype.

Who still watches a show that's aired every day for close to if not over 40 years?

Does this show even appeal to nonoldsters? Maybe I should try the show again and not rely on childhood memories.