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Who wants some late-night RAGE?

Someone who I THOUGHT was totally cool posted this article on Facebook today: "5 Legal Rights Women Have That Men Don't." YES IT'S FROM THOUGHT CATALOG. Her comment about it: "I believe that equality is the way to go and that women are in no way more deserving of more rights. THAT'S why I don't need feminism."

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The 5 rights, for those of you who don't want to give Thought Catalog a click (and that's totally the image used in the piece, FWIW):

1. Women have the right to genital integrity

When I realized this was about circumcision, I literally said "You have got to be fucking kidding me" out loud.

2. Women have the right to vote without agreeing to die

Aka in order to vote as a man, you have to register for Selective Service. (Is that even true?)

3. Women have the right to choose parenthood

Forced fatherhood/paternal surrender laws. At least this wasn't about "lost fatherhood," which is what I thought at first and I was getting ready to flip a table.

4. Women have the right to be assumed caregivers for children

Custody laws. NOW and other femsimsns always oppose shared custody laws. I tried to confirm this and this is true in NY but every other result on the page was some men's rights/shared parenthood page and also something called "Feminism the Hate Group" with the url cultural-misandry and then I had to stop reading. (They also note that this is a "de facto" right and not actually a "legally enshrined" right even though that's what they're supposedly talking about.

5. Women have the right to call unwanted sex, rape

This is fair. I mean, it's a stupid way of phrasing it, but it's true we as a society are totally shitty when it comes to dealing with men and boys who are raped. This whole piece is still the worst though.


In summary: "Despite insisting that feminism cares for everyone, and wants equality for everyone, the facts suggest the opposite is true. Women have more rights than men and those discrepancies need to be addressed." Something something humanism.

Sorry, at what fucking point did we establish that women have more rights than men? Because for all the evidence you've presented, there could be 5 rights that women have but men don't and 12,000 where the opposite is true. (I mean, that's obviously not the case but for fuck's sake, use your brain woman YES IT WAS WRITTEN BY A WOMAN.)


I'm really tempted to comment on my FB friend's post but I don't really want to have a conversation about it. I just want to say something like "you have GOT to be fucking kidding me" and then storm off.

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