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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Who wants some TMI about my uterus and its occupant?

I'm going to talk about pregnancy, mental illness, and overshare about my innards.

Also, just in case—this is not something to mainpage. That number of people do not need to read about my uterus.


Just got back from my ob/gyn appointment. Home stretch, thank goodness—I can't wait to be not-pregnant and remain not-pregnant forever.

The positives:

Despite having multiple risk factors for gestational diabetes, I didn't end up getting it. HOORAY! More importantly, I don't have to do the three hour glucose test. That's cause for celebration.


The baby is still looking 100% normal. More normal than the baby's parents.

The concerning:

My placenta is low-lying? That's a thing apparently? The doctor isn't too concerned at this stage, but I have to do yet another ultrasound. My mom had placenta previa with me and it was an ordeal. Have any of you had experience with this? Also, I am deeply uncomfortable with discussing my cervix in that much detail—I am easily creeped out/made squeamish by discussions of my internal organs, so this is basically how I was the whole conversation:

I got my PTSD under better management (thanks EMDR!) but depression seems to be resurfacing. So back on the SSRIs I go. The doc kept stressing that this is not a defeat, and that going back on one now might help in getting a head start in managing any postpartum depression I might face. But it feels like a major defeat. I realized today that I'm dealing with three separate mental illnesses—every time I feel like I get a handle on managing one of the issues, another issue takes that as an invitation to rear its ugly hydra head.


Things I am sick of:

People saying "IT'S FOR THE BAAAAAAAAAAAABY" whenever I'm all "not enjoying this, would not do again"


People saying "Your husband must be so relieved it's a boy!" Um, what are you implying, exactly? How am I to interpret this?

People saying "Oh just you wait! Nothing will ever be the same again when you have a kid!" Yes, but you don't need to tell me about it. See also: "You'll change your mind about having more kids" and "You're selfish for only wanting one."


Tell me, GT—how did you feel about being pregnant at the start of your third trimester? What were you sick of? This is also the place to share your horror stories, if that's something you like to do.

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