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Who wants to play an Interstellar game?

Have you seen Interstellar? Doesn't matter! You can still play this game with me: is Insterstellar sexist, is space travel sexist, or is Zokajo just suuuper off base? There will only be the mildest of spoilers, pertaining to the gender of the crew and the overall premise (which is in the trailer). I have a spoilery question for people who have seen it, at the end and marked with stars!

Okay, here we go!

One thing I think is weird about mass-market science fiction is the tendency to shy away from talking about fertility and child-bearing-capable women (I'm looking at you, The 100). I can see why it would be a bit of a hot button topic, because it reduces women to resources, but it also seems kind of strange to me when that topic isn't broached at all when things like the extinction of the human race is being discussed.

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So, in Interstellar, there is a crew leaving Earth on a mission to save the human race. There are four people. One of them is a woman, three are men. As far as astronauts go, you never see another woman except that one. Isn't that kind of... weird? If four people were being sent somewhere unknown, wouldn't it be better to have one or two men and the rest be women, in case they would have to try to repopulate on their own? I would expect at least a 50/50 split.


Here are my theories to explain why this happened! What are yours?

Theory #1: Hollywood is sexist, and still wants to give us more men on screen than women, so they thought Anne Hathaway was good enough and filled the rest of the cast with men (probably unintentionally, but still).


Theory #2: They were recreating the existing gender disparity between men and women in space travel type occupations for realism, and thought it would be unrealistic for our future society to have multiple good women astronauts for the choosing.

Theory #3: ?

Okay, if you don't want to be medium spoiled don't read past this point!



People who have seen the movie: Does it pass the Bechdel test? I feel like there might have been a conversation between Murphy and Lois at one point, but besides that all of the women in this movie are singular characters surrounded by men. The farm household goes from grandpa + dad + son + daughter to son + his two sons + wife. Anne Hathaway is the only female astronaut we see, the women we see on Cooper Station only talk to Cooper (I think) and Murphy only talks to Topher Grace and the Wise Batman Guy. I didn't even think about that til now... I still love the damn thing.


Some gifs to separate spoilers from the comments!


(this is how I felt after)

(because I love sci fi and thought this was a great representation of a classic sci fi problem)


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