Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Groupthinkers - I missed you in the time I wasn't as active because one of my favorite social media time wasters is talking about my nails with you all!

So tell me what you think! If you paint your nails like me, what are you using to organize your polish? How many polishes do you have? What's your favorite polish right now? How do you feel about the liquid sand and other textured polishes?


I'll go first: I'm still using a big box, and I need a new system. I have about 200 polishes, maybe? I need to thin out my stash. I just put on Essie Bond With Whomever and I'm LOVING it for spring. And I have three liquid sand polishes and while I like them they never last very long on my nails.

Your turn! And I'm begging you for pictures!

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