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I want to say that overall, I liked the episode! Spoilers.

Seriously, spoilers.


  • Did not expect to see that The Mighty Monarch had to give up arching Rusty...but I really like to see Dr. Mrs. The Monarch in a strong role, as she’s the only competent character.
  • Of course Dean is sensible and recommends that, to save Venture Industries, Rusty has to come to his senses and balance actual work with innovation. I think Dean is second to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch in terms of clear thinking!
  • I really get bored with that St. Cloud guy that Pete and Billy got as an arch. His voice and stuff makes me bang my head against the wall.
  • The Whale Dude, who I cannot remember the proper name of, got totally owned by Brock and Sgt. Hatred (or whatever he’s going by these days)-the ‘prank’ was priceless! And a connection to Dr. Cuttlefish or whatever his name was.
  • The Pirate withdrawing from tranquilizes...half/half on the story scale. Once again though, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publik came through by returning to an earlier theme. Plus, polar bear. And Dean with a kitten.
  • WHAT IS IN THE MONARCHS CAVE? So many questions. Were his parents Superheroes? Villains? Were they working with JV Sr.? Remember the picture from season five...there was a connection at sometime!
  • Hanks’ line of the night: “Two words: Space Circus.” I love Hank. Couldn’t find a good gif, so here’s Hanks’ new look!

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