Talking k-12. I've had a few teachers that have no business being around children. So, absurdly asshole teachers-what ones have you had? No real names-you never know if they lurk here.

Here's my teacher from the black lagoon:

The year was...I can't remember. I was in third grade. She was a raging bitch of a bitter old woman, wrapped in a veneer of a grandmother. The devil in atrocious clothing-and passive aggressive.

I have a disability where my hands move at the same time. I was born with it. Can't change it, which pisses me off. Fucking sucks.


So, cursive was not my jam. She knew about this, and would keep me out of recess because I couldn't fucking do it. Also because of my inability to spell (not dyslexic but yesterday I realized I was the dead degenerate. And I sincerely thank Ubertrout for helping me out. Really, hon, thank you!). She was so conceding and called my mom to say how dumb I was. Mom told her to shove it up her ass.


The other thing about her is she took issue of me reading Harry Potter every week. It was the first damn series of books I gave a damn about and basically taught me to read. I loved them. When she said "You need to read other books to pass third grade." I was all...


I went home in rage tears. Told my Mom, who had reached her boiling point with Ms. C-Word. I was so happy with these books, and that was rare. And Ms. C-Word was punishing me for reading them to boot-again, no recess. So, Mom went to the principal this time.

Ms. C-Word still gave me shit. Implied I would go nowhere. Saw her a few years later, and she was "nice". I told her that I was excelling in school, that she was a miserable excuse for a person, and I walked away. She was flabbergasted.


Now I'm getting my BA. She's "retired" and can no longer terrorize students. Fuck you Ms. C-Word.

(Also Draco fucking rocks).

[Edit: Holy shit, all the comments! I have to Skype some people, I'll try to reply to everyone. And fuck these teachers mentioned...Holy Hunter, fuck them].